In addition to holding conservation easements and ownership of land, the Schoharie Land Trust participates in other conservation projects.  Most recently, the land trust joined forces with the Schoharie County Soil and Water Conservation District to establish a plantation of native shrubs that will be a source of cuttings for stream stabilization projects throughout the county in future years.  This will reduce erosion and provide cleaner waterways for everyone, as well as reduce landowner and taxpayer costs for expensive restoration projects.

The plantation was created in October 2009 with the help of student volunteers, as well as land trust leaders and supporters.  Small shrubs were put in at our Paulson Preserve in Jefferson, and will be tended until they are large enough to provide cuttings for stream projects.

In early summer 2010, we helped with a stabilization project along the Manor Kill in the town of Conesville.  This stream feeds the Schoharie Reservoir, a source of drinking water for millions of New Yorkers.  Reducing erosion means less turbidity in the reservoir and elsewhere downstream.  The shrubs will also improve wildlife habitat by keeping the stream cooler in summer, and providing feeding and nesting areas for birds.

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