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We are citizens of Schoharie County and beyond who appreciate and value the exquisite natural beauty of upstate New York. We have dedicated ourselves to its preservation. 

We founded the Schoharie Land Trust in 1991 with the mission  “to protect the beauty, land, heritage and rural character of Schoharie County and adjacent areas.”

Urban and suburban sprawl is unfortunately a reality in nearly every corner of New York State today.  Schoharie County is no exception, particularly because of its proximity to the Capital District and New York City.

Farmland and woodlands continue to fall victim to subdivision.  The spectacular vistas of both the northern foothills of the Catskills and the Cobleskill and Schoharie Valleys are under attack from unplanned development.

We are pushing back! Over two dozen far-sighted landowners in and around Schoharie County have donated either New York law conservation easements or fee simple interests to the SLT.  By agreeing to hold these interests as a land trust, the SLT has already preserved over 1800 acres of farmland and woodland in perpetuity.