Preserve SignLocated in the towns of Jefferson and Summit in Schoharie Co., the Paulson Preserve encompasses 342 acres of land donated to the Land Trust in 1997 by Liselotte Paulson. The preserve includes a variety of wildllife habitats, including open fields, mixed hardwood and conifer forest and wetlands.

A series of marked trails allow visitors to explore these habitats and view the plants and animals found there.  The Land Trust holds educational events on the preserve, including bird walks, tree identification sessions, a visit to beaver ponds and others.  However, you don't need to wait for an invitation--the preserve is open to the public at all times, and there is no admission charge!

A recently constructed shelter near the preserve entrance will provide information on the natural history of the property and a map of the trails and habitats.

Among the birds and animals recorded on the preserve are white-tailed deer, porcupines, beaver, coyotes, great blue heron, scarlet tanager, chestnut-sided warbler, barred owl, wood duck, bobolink, red-tailed hawk, and many others.  The relatively undisturbed and remote quality of the preserve allows good opportunities for wildlife observation.

To reach the Paulson Preserve from Cobleskill, take State Rte. 10 south to Peraglie Rd., 4.5 miles south of Summit and 4 miles north of Jefferson. Turn left on Rum Hill Rd.--parking is about one mile at the end of the road.

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